Garage Door Spring Replacement – A Few Things to Consider

Most people choose wood for their garage doors because of the look and the cost that is associated with wood doors. It is also a very durable material for your garage.

The problem that can happen with wood is the expansion and contraction that you will experience during extreme changes in temperature. It will need to be maintained regularly to keep it looking good. Every few years you will have to repaint or refinish the wood garage doors.

One of the easiest types of doors to have for your garage door is a tilt up wood garage door. This type of garage door can usually be built in the driveway for an easy way to get the garage door built and installed. All you will have to do is add an exterior skin of wood to the frame and you will have your garage door built.

You can also choose to have the garage door sided to match the color and style of your home. This is a very strong construction to have on your garage door. This type of door will generally cost you between four hundred and seven hundred dollars to have built and installed.

The types of doors that are roll up and sectional can either have a flush construction or a panel construction. The flush type of construction is done by securing a panel over a frame. When panels are used in the construction the manufacturers of the garage door will place several panels of the door into a frame. The materials that can be used are either fir or another soft material. The panels can be made from any variety of wood.

If the door is going to be painted the panels will be flat or they could be three dimensional panels that are made of a hard wood. When the doors are to be three dimensional, typically a wood look alike will be used on the panels. They can also use cladwood which is made from composites.

The panels that are made from cladwood will come with a twenty-year warranty, unlike other panels that only come with a one-year warranty. You can expect to pay between eight hundred to one thousand dollars for one of these panels.

Woods that are going to be stained instead of painted will need to be of a higher grade of wood. These are usually made of cedar, redwood or any hardwood panel. You should ask if the panels are made from a solid sheet of wood or if there were pieces that were glued together to create the panel. The edges where the panels that are glued could show through if you are staining these panels.

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