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They are durable, attractive and virtually maintenance free. Steel Doors can also be very well insulated to keep out the cold and lower your energy costs. Steel doors are the least expensive garage door you can buy. The downside is that if they dent or scratch it is difficult to repair.

At Garage Doctor Inc, we repair all types of residential doors in Calgary houses. Whether your patio door needs a new slider or your garage door needs a new spring, we can fix, install, or maintain all the doors in your house, including:

Custom & Wood Garage Doors

Wood has a natural beauty, is very versatile, and operates quietly. It may be painted or stained and is available in a wide price range. If you choose a wood door, you should plan to spend some time maintaining it. Wood garage doors are and can be fully customized to your needs. Custom garage doors are available in any size and type of wood; including cedar, hemlock & mahogany.

Wood Composite Garage Doors

Wood composite are in the price range between steel & vinyl. They come primed and ready to paint with a limited lifetime warranty. People buy wood-composite primarily for 3 reasons: the main reason is that because it needs to be painted it is easily customized to fit into your home's color scheme. The second is that once it is painted it does not require the maintenance a wood door will. Nor will it crack, split, swell or warp like wood can. And lastly, this environmentally friendly door is made mostly from recycled material so it is the "greenest of garage doors."

Vinyl Garage Doors

When nothing but the best will do, the perfect answer is a vinyl garage door. These doors are manufactured to provide you the ultimate in easy care. These energy saving, insulated doors are scratch resistant and will not dent, rust or crack. Options include privacy glass, designer window inserts and etched or engraved windows. These doors include a manufacturer's lifetime warranty on the panels.

Belt Drive Systems:

The ideal choice if you have a room positioned above or adjacent to your garage, LiftMaster® belt drive garage door openers are the smoothest, quietest, most reliable systems you can buy.

Our two Elite Series™ models – 3850 and 3585 – offer the ultimate in features and performance. The LiftMaster 3/4 HP 3585 has 50% more power than other openers, and the LiftMaster 3850 is the only professionally installed garage door opener with EverCharge® Standby Power that continues to operate even when the power goes out. Both models also come with cutting-edge accessories for the ultimate in garage access.  My Garage Doctor can help you find the right Chicago Garage Door Opener.res_img1

 DC Motor Belt Drive with EverCharge® Standby Power System

Don't let a power outage lock you out of your garage. Our 3850 belt drive opener is the only professionally installed 3/4 HPS® garage door opener with an EverCharge® Standby Power System.


 3/4 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener3/4 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Get the ultimate blend of power and quiet in a garage door opener. Our powerful 3/4 HP 3585 opener can lift even the heaviest garage doors effortlessly and with precision.


 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Smooth-running reliability is what our enhanced 3280 belt drive opener delivers – and it's quiet enough not to wake your guests in the bedroom above the garage.



Chain Drive Systems:

Designed specifically to lift even the heaviest custom wood and carriage house garage doors, LiftMaster® chain drive garage door openers are rugged, reliable, and deliver all-around lasting performance.

The LiftMaster Elite Series™ 3/4 HP 3595 is made tough with a commercial I-beam rail system and chassis support bracket, giving it the brawn and power to lift carriage house or solid-body doors day after day. And the LiftMaster Pemium Series 3/4 HP 3275 features our largest and most powerful motor designed specifically for this model. In fact, it is the quietest 3/4 HP chain drive on the market. Both models come with cutting-edge accessories for the ultimate in garage access.


3/4 HP Heavy-Duty Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Heavy garage doors are no longer an issue. Our 3595 3/4 HP chain drive is engineered for maximum lifting capacity and super-quiet operation, so it can lift even the heaviest custom or designer garage doors effortlessly.


 3/4 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Open heavy garage doors quickly and quietly with our powerful 3275 3/4 HP chain drive.



 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Get reliable, steady performance and lifting power with our enhanced 3265 1/2 HP chain drive opener.



 res_img41/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Get rugged, reliable performance – and great value – with our 3255 1/2 HP chain drive opener. Its industrial-strength chain drive provides smooth, steady performance year after year.